How To Convert Real Estate Leads Into Sales

How To Convert Real Estate Leads Into Sales

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After reading my last post, you should have a steady supply of real estate leads. Now that you have these leads we are going to take a look at what it takes to convert these leads into paying clients. If you missed my latest post you can read it and come back to this post.

How To Convert Real Estate Leads Into Sales

There Are 3 Important Steps To Convert Leads Into Clients

You should closely monitor your lead conversion rate to help you better understand what works in your area.

Nurturing Your Leads: Just having your leads contact information isn’t enough for them to trust you with their business, reaching out to them and reminding them how you can help is a crucial part in converting these leads into clients.

Converting Your Leads: Once your leads are ready and if you have nurtured them correctly, they will contact you when they are ready to buy or sell a home. At this point you will have to go above and beyond for your client to ensure you help them find what they are looking for and meet all their needs.

Client Retainment: Now that your lead has been converted into a paying client you’re not done. Keeping in contact with this client is a key step to ensuring they come back to you in the future and even referring you to their friends or family.

Your lead conversation rate has a direct impact on your revenue, if you can effectively convert your leads into happy clients you will exponentially increase your revenue over time.

Nurturing Your Leads

How your lead perceives you will have a huge impact on lead conversion, if you reach out to them to much you might come across as desperate. But if you don’t reach out to them enough they will forget you exist by the time they are ready to buy or sell their home. Lets take a look at some of the ways you can nurture your lead in hopes they become a lifelong client.

Personalized Communication: When reaching out to your leads be sure to personalize your message, you don’t want to come off as generic. Keep in touch with them monthly at least, you can reach out via email, phone, postcard or text messages. Tell them about new listings, market changes or just make it a friendly check in to maintain your relationship with them.

Provide Valuable Information: Offering your leads free valuable information such as home buying or selling guides, investment opportunities, or even discounts. An example of a discount might be teaming up with a home inspector to get your clients a discount when buying or selling their home through you.

Utilize Social Media: Using platforms such as instagram and Facebook can be a less intrusive way for you to keep in contact with your leads. Interacting with their posts will keep your name fresh in their head without you having to directly reach out to them. You can also post new listings that they may see and reach out to you about.

Knowing what your lead wants is key to nurturing them correctly, try and find out the time frame in which your lead is looking to take action. If your clients actively searching for a home be sure to match their energy and help them search, message them listing daily and try and book them in for viewings. On the other hand if your client is just thinking about buying or selling their home you might want to contact them less frequently as to not annoy them and seem desperate.

Converting Your Leads

Remember when trying to convert your leads that you work for them, they can and will find another agent if you don’t fulfill their needs.

Understand The Needs Of Your Leads: Pay close attention and take notes on what your lead is looking for in a property. These things may include their budget, bedrooms, bathrooms, and features such as a garage. If you can actively diagnose their needs you will be that much closer to converting them into a client.

Effective Communication: Keeping your lead up to date on anything that is happening with their search will help them feel connected. Ensure you are effectively communicating to them anything they may find important, even if it may seem small to you. If your lead feels out of the loop they may move onto another agent who is willing to take the extra step in making them feel included.

Personalize The Experience: Understanding the needs of your client and communicating with them effectively you will give your potential client a personalized experience that makes them feel like the the star of the show. This will greatly increase you closing rate and you will see an immediate increase in revenue.

May agents seem to think that once a deal is done they are done with this client. This is far from the truth as closing a client is just the beginning of your relationship. In the last part we will be taking a look at what to do after the deal.

Client Retainment

The goal of client retainment is to make sure all the work you’ve put in getting the client isn’t wasted. Here you will be able to turn your client into a lifelong lead generator.

Stay In Touch Post-Transaction: Keeping in contact with your client even after the transaction is complete is the most important part of client retainment. Be sure to send them post cards, drop by with a house warming gift and ensure they are happy with their new home. The more value you give to the client the more likely they are to refer you to a friend or family member.

Use Social Media: Just like you use social media to find leads, you may also use it to keep your existing clients engaged. Continue to interact with their posts, their friends and family will see your interactions and view you as a friend of the clients making it more likely they reach out to you if they are in need of a real estate agent.

Watch For Special Days: Taking note of your clients birthday and sending them a personalized birthday card in the mail is a great way to engage with your previous clients. You may also send out things on holidays such as Christmas cards, halloween treats or any other creative idea you might come with.

Following these steps will keep you in good memory of your clients. Be sure not to overdue it as they did just buy a home and probably aren’t looking to move anytime soon.

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